The story of my life – Biography

Getu Hirpo is an acclaimed Pop Artist based in the UK. Getu Hirpo embarked on his musical voyage of artistic discovery as a youngster, growing up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping his signature sound. Getu Hirpo seeks to offer something different and unique to his fans by creating and performing original music that he is proud to call his own.

Getu studied contemporary (popular music) at London Southwark College. He has a diploma in popular music. He is also a digital entrepreneur.

Getu is originally from East Africa, Ethiopia. He is an Ethiopian citizen. He’s been residing in the UK since 1990. Getu performed music live as a lead singer for 4 years with an Ethiopian group called “Yared” before he went to college to diversify his talent. Getu’s goal is to make a major breakthrough in the music industry globally with his distinctive style (New Sound) which is a winning combination of African and Western popular music. Getu is currently promoting his debut album online. His debut studio EP was recorded in 2010 at Applebeam Studio, with producer Paul Miles.

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