Breakthrough EP (2010)


Discover the alluring “Breakthrough EP” by Getu Hirpo, a compilation of seven distinct tracks, all written by Getu himself. Recorded in 2010 at Applebeam Studio with producer Paul Miles, the EP encompasses a range of genres and reflects Getu’s exceptional songwriting skills.


Embark on a musical journey with the captivating “Breakthrough EP” by Getu Hirpo, a meticulously crafted collection of seven diverse tracks. Additionally, standout pieces such as ‘Feel It’ and ‘Come2Me’ enhance the EP’s overall appeal. All exclusively written by Getu, these songs came to life in 2010 at Applebeam Studio, where the talented producer Paul Miles contributed his expertise to ensure a professional and dynamic sound.

Furthermore, each track serves as a testament to Getu’s exceptional songwriting skills, capturing a range of emotions and genres. The EP not only reflects the creative synergy between Getu and producer Paul Miles but also offers a unique and enjoyable listening experience.

Moreover, from the soulful vibes of ‘Feel It’ to the unique charm of ‘Come2Me,’ the “Breakthrough EP” promises a diverse musical palette that transcends traditional genres. Also, Paul Miles, a skilled drummer and guitarist, played a crucial role in turning Getu’s artistic vision into a reality. The collaborative efforts of this dynamic duo shine through in the meticulous structuring and production of each track.

Additionally, Reverbnation listeners have praised the EP, highlighting its captivating sound and artistic depth. As you explore the layers of musical creativity within “Breakthrough EP,” you’ll discover a collection that goes beyond mere listening. Additionally, it offers an immersive experience that lingers in the mind.

Elevate your music collection with the mesmerizing sounds of “Breakthrough EP” by Getu Hirpo.

Whether you’re a seasoned music enthusiast or a casual listener, this EP promises to be a compelling addition. It provides a unique and memorable sonic experience that resonates with authenticity and talent.

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Breakthrough EP

Captivating songs, Genre-transcending sound, Getu Hirpo, 2010 recording, 'Feel It', 'Come2Me'


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