I feel good tonight (Original Remix)


A new pop-dance music – an intellectually stimulating song that makes you feel sexy & confident, vibrant & jubilant, ecstatic & euphoric.


I feel good tonight

I feel good tonight is new pop music– it is an intellectually stimulating song that makes you feel sexy and confident. It has a vibrant, ecstatic, euphoric and jubilant mood. This new pop music is very energetic and will make you feel excited and happy.

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Getu Hirpo

Getu Hirpo is an acclaimed Pop Artist based in the UK. He embarked on his musical voyage of artistic discovery as a youngster. H grew up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping his signature sound.
Getu Hirpo seeks to offer something different and unique to his fans by creating and performing original music that he is proud to call his own.

Getu Hirpo is a New Pop Solo Artist. He makes a unique sounding pop beat that puts you in a good mood, makes you feel confident and happy. Getu produces unique pop, RnB and hip hop tunes. You can discover these very rocking, mesmerising and unique sounding songs today.

Song Reviews  – I feel good tonight

I like the Egyptian feel intro. When the beat dropped I immediately started bobbing my head. The artist’s voice reminds me of Shakira. The lyrics are fun. This is a great party/ dance track.

Female, Age 37, Rating 9/10

I don’t even know how happy I am knowing that I ain’t the only one listening to this in January. I loved the song very much…

Female, Age 48, Rating 10/10

I really enjoyed the sound of his voice. It is very unique sounding. The lyrics were easy to follow. The instrumentals were perfect for sure.

Female, Age 47, Rating 10/10

It had a very interesting intro with the flutes. Then the beat became energetic and exciting. It was a really unique song, but I enjoyed it.

Male, Age 33, Ranking 7/10

The song was rocking and mesmerizing. The makes me to dance. I feel energetic and confident. I love to hear this song again and again.

Male, Age 29, Ranking 9/10

I loved the title of the song as it was very simple very direct and very succinct. I like the production and style of the song.

Male, Age 36, Ranking 8/10

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New Sound / Distinctive / Original / Studio Mix


Exciting / Uplifting / Stimulating / Happy


Pop / RnB / Hi-hop / Dance


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