I don't need the stars

I Don’t Need The Stars

An authentic, energetic, and joyful pop song with romantic lyrics and an 80s vibe. A song that can play with your imagination without you realising it.

Jade says : Really dope jam you got here Getu, I love how original and authentic you is the whole concept is really out of this world I like how the song really plays with your imagination without you realising it.its super relatable too, resonating on a deeper than average level.the time it takes to come up with something like this is unprecedented. Really dope vibes.

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Let u go

I have to let you go (Demo)

I have to let you go (Demo), a hip hop song with a pop feel. It is a melancholic song about a breakup with someone you love. This song has been crowd reviewed on Reverbnation. Generally, the listener reaction to this song was mixed. When asked to rate this song on a scale from 1 to 10, reviewers reported a 6.4 averagely. According to a sentiment analysis of those written reviews, listener comments were generally neutral. The results of this study show that this song probably needs a little more work before it is ready for promotion to a large audience.

I produced this song in Dec 2019. The song is still at the demo stage without proper production. Happy Listening!

Crowd Review on ReverbNation 


We Fly

We Fly (Demo)

We Fly – I produced this demo song in Jan 2021. This song is a slow, nostalgic ballad song about someone who broke up with a lover but still keeps dreaming about their past romantic love affairs. In the song, a person dreams about flying with an ex while sleeping. They both have moved on with their life, but the other person still ruminates about their failed relationship.

I have been thinking of writing a slow ballad song ever since I found these lyrics online. Alex Romano, a driver who enjoys writing poems to express his feelings, wrote the lyrics originally. These lyrics were in the form of a poem before I made a bit of adjustment to give it a typical song structure like verse, chorus, bridge. I also added some words that I used in the second verse.

Actually, I was supposed to produce this song in 2020. However, because of the pandemic (Covid-19), It took me about a year to restart producing music as I completely stopped making music for several months due to Covid. Though I was not in the right frame of mind to make music during the pandemic, I was still humming this song in my head now and then for about a year. Finally, I got the courage to produce it.

Writing the melody

Writing the melody of the song has been quite challenging because of its structure and melodic variations. I wanted to use all my vocal ranges in this song, starting from lower registration to head voice. Figuring out the piano chords to the melody was time-consuming. I played most of the instruments in this song using a midi-keyboard. Also, I added the saxophone and other loops from GarageBand music collections to give this song a pleasant sound.

This song was produced at home using a laptop, a midi keyboard, a simple microphone and simple music software, GarageBand. The song is still at a demo stage without proper production. I will, of course, rerecord the song in a professional studio when the time is right.


This song has been reviewed on Drooble and has personal recommendations and feedback from 10 musicians, whose average score for this song is 7.8 out of 10. Most musicians do want to hear the track again. While listening to it, 7 of them feel engaged during the whole time. This song made most of the musicians feel happy. Based on the results of 10 reviews, We Fly does need more polishing before it’s ready for promotion to a bigger audience.

Reviews by Drooble Musicians

Produced by Getu Hirpo

Lyrics by Alex Romano and Getu Hirpo


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